The team is a blog written by professionals and passionate about new technologies.

The purpose of this site is to gather and share our skills and know-how around technologies related to computer networks and telecom, especially around wireless.

Sébastien Cabioch

Founder of Cabreseaux

Self-taught and passionate about computers, I launched myself into the project to share my knowledge and ideas! I find myself in the open-source philosophy, and I hope through my articles to allow others than myself to progress.

In life, I am a Systems & Networks administrator and IT service provider for events, I group my professional activities under the name of Cabreseaux.

Xavier Barbot

Founder of Proxiwifi,  xKonnect and Pubeo

As an electronics engineer, I very quickly became interested in computers (network and hardware), then I moved on to the web and marketing. I like to take up new challenges, that’s why I create my own business

My profile can therefore be summed up as a digital touch, a multi-cap “geek”! Passionate about SEO and web technology, you can find my projects on my personal website.

Dorian Tokarz

Unified Communication Architect

Like Xavier, I originally came from the world of Electronics, but I quickly switched to a more network-oriented training at the IUT. That’s where my passion for unified communications came to me. I like phones, that’s a fact. So I made it my job. I maintain this passion at work but also in festivals.

I am a very (really) curious person in all areas, I like to learn and discover new things all the time. Setting up a virtual lab is as much fun as visiting new places, walking along the coast, going to the theatre or having a drink in town.

You can find more about my travels in the different worlds I explore on